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Who are we?

Scelta Products is an upcoming major player in appetizers. These are based on fresh vegetables, such as onion rings, breaded mushrooms and wings. This may mean nothing to you now, but are you curious about what they are and do you want to be part of a very nice process? You see a fresh raw material undergo a change and turn into a beautiful and very tasty end product. Since September 2022, Scelta Products has been taken over by McCain, so during this year you will see the name Scelta Products disappear. Nothing will change in the processes, only that a very nice challenge will be added halfway through this year.. Curious?

What do you get from us?

  • 25 vacation days and 15 ATV days that you can use flexibly. This means that you can exchange them for salary, just take time off so that you are free for 8 weeks a year. Or rather 50/50, that is also an option.
  • 3% year-end bonus
  • Discount on your CZ insurance that you can also use for your family
  • Seen a course or training that you would like to do? No problem
  • Fresh fruit in the canteen
  • The opportunity to build with our passionate team on the brand new factory in Rilland, which is now 50% full, the other 50% will be filled in the coming years
  • Flexible start times, you work 8 hours a day but do you want to take your children to school sometime? Fine

What are you going to do then?

demand forecasting

  • Collecting data from internal and external sources on factors known to influence demand
  • Evaluate historical sales trends
  • Obtain information about events that can affect demand, such as promotions and production delays
  • Interact with sales, marketing and customer finance to understand the drivers of demand forecasting.
  • Proactively coordinate with production planning of each consensus forecast update between monthly releases
  • Communicate and share results of forecast accuracy on a monthly basis, analyzing and highlighting key issues.

Sales & Operations Planning process

  • Manage reporting to support and drive decision making in the S&OP process
  • Providing demand forecasts approved by all relevant business organizations to key stakeholders (production planning, purchasing, production, finance) so that they can rely on a single set of data.
  • Provide sales reporting to sales organizations

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